Consider this!

  • How much time does your child spend on a device daily?
  • What would you pay if the video game your child was playing improved their memory, attention and auditory processing?
  • What would you pay if you saw your child’s grades improve?
  • Would you pay $100/week?

Well, that’s exactly what will happen if your child plays the right games! Research-based, scientifically proven games will change the brain, make learning easier, and increase your child’s grade level reading by one to three years in only few short months!

You never have to leave your house to see these kinds of improvements!

The Fast ForWord® program, administered to children via Teletherapy, allows children the benefit of speech language therapy under the close supervision of a licensed Speech Language Pathologist. Children will also receive direct services as well. Initially, there would be an evaluation, followed up with a consultation with parents to discuss the findings and recommendations.

Using the FastForword® program, children can make years of progress in a few short months of intensive daily practice, under the close supervision of a licensed SLP.

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