Child testimonials celebrating leaning through literacy


“Tomas and I went to the store as soon as he got off the bus today. He actually told me about his day!!!

“He told me a couple of stories, he answered my questions.

“I can hardly believe it.

Pinch me!!!!!”

Michele E.

parent of a 7th grader

Now, he’s reading all the signs along the road while I am driving!

Happy Parent

parent of an elementary school age child

My son has seen Ms. Edith for the past couple of years and I can say without hesitancy and 100% validation she is beyond amazing. My son has done so well he was promoted in January from first to second grade because he was so far ahead of his classmates.
Debbie M.

parent of a struggling first grader

Edith is one of a kind and was God sent! She came highly recommended by a school advocate that I hired for one of my children. Not only was she highly skilled at what she does, but she was very understanding and compassionate towards me and my child. She understood the stresses, anxieties, poor self-esteem, and depression that often accompany Learning Difficulties.

She is the best at what she does and will challenge and prove to that together with her guidance you will be able to help your child succeed. Edith worked a miracle with my son. In a very short time, in a critical time in his life, as a high school senior, only one year before College, she was able to bring his reading level from a 5th grade level to 16th grade reading level.

She continued her work with him even through his first year of college, helping him incorporate the tools she taught him. Because of Edith, my son graduated from BSU with a Master’s Degree with Highest Honors and is a teacher in a public school, now helping other children, just like she does.

Susan P.

proud parent of a college graduate and grandmother to a struggling first grader

This is a fabulous program that did wonders for my son’s reading comprehension.

When he started the program in 5th grade, he was just barely reading at grade-level. By the end of the program, less than one year later, he was reading at an almost 7th grade level. He gained two years in nine months! It was the best thing we could have done for him.

Conventional tutoring would have taken much longer and I’m not sure the results would have been as successful! My husband and I recommend this program without hesitation!

Becky K.

Parent of a 6th Grader

I just wanted to thank you for helping me get to college and helping me through college! You are amazing! I can’t thank you enough for all your help and all that you continue to do for me! The support and continued advice you give me helps me everyday through my college journey! So glad I had such an amazing tutor and now an amazing friend! You are always there when I need something and you know me inside and out! Miss you tons! xoxo

former student

Thanks for all you do for Danny…..You are an angel on earth to him!!!
Bonnie O.

parent of a college student