Irlen Syndrome

Helen irlen

Helen L. Irlen, MA, BCPC, PPS, BCPTSD, LMFT Founder & Executive Director: Irlen Institute International Headquarters

Irlen syndrome, occasionally referred to as scotopic sensitivity syndrome (SSS), is a condition relating to the interaction with light of the central nervous system and the eyes at a physiological level.

Common Symptoms:

  • Print looks different.
  • Environment looks different.
  • Slow or inefficient reading.
  • Poor comprehension.
  • Eye strain.
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty with math computation.

Irlen Syndrome Affects:

  • 12-14% of the general population
  • 46% of individuals with reading and learning difficulties
  • 33% with ADHD
  • 33% with autism
  • 55% with head injury, concussion or whiplash